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We were working on the launch of this website in the midst of Hurricane Harvey. If you live in Texas there is a pretty good chance you have more than one friend that lives in the fourth largest city in the country or somewhere in southeast Texas. It feels close to home even though it is miles away. Plus, it’s Texas and we are family in Texas. Watching people leave their homes, often only with a bag in tow, was heartbreaking and sobering. I found myself wondering, what would I take with me? As we all look around us at the things we have intentionally put in our homes, not the weird extras we take from our in-laws or an older sister, but the things we put in our lives on purpose – there is a reason for it. We love the handle on that coffee cup, the blanket is buttery soft and the color is awesome, the chair sits just right and the table beside it handles a glass of wine or cup of tea perfectly.

As I watched Houston evacuate I shed more than one tear and was struck by all we can’t control. Perhaps that is why it’s is so important to make our homes a place of peace and harmony. Home should be a place where stories are told and loved ones gather. And a place where we take in those who need a shelter from the storms life brings. That is what LTO is all about. It is a carefully curated collection of beautiful things old and new to make your home a reflection of you. Several people have asked about the name. It stands for limited time offer.

I have thought about that for many years. Life is always changing, people grow older, move to new neighborhoods and cities. Your life and mine is a limited time offer. We choose how we spend it. In the meantime we have the opportunity to capitalize on today.